Karina Loza, REALTOR®
Karina Loza was born and raised in Ukraine and spent several years of her adult life in Israel. Aside from English she also speaks Russian and Hebrew. In the late 90’s, Karina moved to the United States and graduated from CHUBB Institute of Technology in NYC as a Networking Engineer in 2001. Soon after Karina made the decision to pursue her dream or becoming an architectural photographer. She has provided her services to some of the largest Real Estate companies in Long Island. It wasn’t long before Karina realized that she loved the Real Estate side of the business and made the natural progression to becoming a real estate agent and made the decision to pursue this career in the Tampa Bay area. Karina focuses on guiding her clients successfully and easily through the contractual, investment and emotional decisions involved in the Real Estate process. She loves what she does and finds the industry extremely rewarding getting to see other people’s dreams become a reality.